Unlock iPhone

From any Network by IMEI

Our trusted online IMEI iPhone unlock service will permanently unlock your iPhone from any network. We can unlock your iPhone in less than 24 hours by whitelisting it in Apples database, meaning our unlock will not affect your iPhones warranty or performance, and as we work remotely you can continue to use your iPhone as normal whilst we unlock it in the background.

How do I Unlock my iPhone
with iPhone Approved Unlock

Make Sure your iPhone is Locked

Before you purchase your iPhone unlock with us, it's important to double check your iPhone is definitely locked. To do this simply insert a SIM card from another network into your iPhone and restart it, if the iPhone IS locked a 'SIM Not Valid' message will appear, this confirms your phone is locked to just one network.

Find your iPhones IMEI Number

Now we know your iPhone is locked, we need to find your IMEI number in order to be able to complete our iPhone unlock service. To find the IMEI number on the iPhone simply dial *#06# on the keypad and tap dial, the IMEI number should be displayed on the phone. If this does not work for whatever reason you’ll find the IMEI number embossed on the SIM tray of newer iPhones, and on the back of older iPhones.

We complete your iPhone unlock

Once you purchase your iPhone unlock service with us, we'll whitelist your iPhone in Apple's database, creating a permanent and trusted unlock that won't affect your iPhones warranty or performance. Once this is done we'll email you confirming the unlock is complete along with some really simple instructions to finalise the unlock on your iPhone.

Why Unlock iPhone?

iPhones are some of the best smartphones on the market, and often command a high price - this means networks often sell their iPhones as part of a contract with inflated monthly repayment charges to help cover the cost of the phone. They lock the iPhone to maximise the chance that you’ll stay on their network for the longest possible time, as people often think unlocking an iPhone is an unreliable and costly affair that may damage their phone.

Thankfully trusted online unlocking service like iPhone Approved Unlock can provide you with a permanent and trusted unlock without any hassle or inconvenience! Having a permanently unlocked iPhone comes with many benefits:

  • Sell your iPhone for a higher premium, you'll be able to sell an unlocked iPhone to loads more people who will be willing to pay more for your iPhone.

  • Enjoy unlimited data around the world on your iPhone - purchase a local SIM card and pop it in your unlocked iPhone to avoid roaming limits.

  • Get a great SIM only deal by being able to shop around all networks in your local area.

  • Grab a bargain locked iPhone and use our trusted iPhone unlock service to unlock it and be able to use it with the network of your preference.

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